After-sales service
- Pledge -
1, the main parts of the warranty period of 1 year or work 2000 hours.
2, the user feedback product failure information, from the information received:
(1) within 300 km of service outlets within 24 hours of service personnel in place.
(2) service outlets within the range of 301-600 km, 48 hours of service personnel in place.
(3) service outlets 600 km away, 72 hours service person
- Service philosophy -
Samsung service concept: every trace of the error, are our responsibility
Samsung invested heavily in the country over the years to establish a perfect after-sales service network. At present, the company in the country 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to establish more than 200 marketing service outlets, also established 72 foreign gear sales outlets for domestic and foreign users to provide 整機 sales, spare parts supply, maintenance, technical advice, etc. A series of services, network coverage in the industry the highest
- Service Process -
The company has built a nationwide after-sales service network, has a strong team of maintenance technicians, at the same time the establishment of a sound after-sales service system, a strong means of protection at all times to provide users with quality service. The company has developed according to the needs of a series of rules and regulations, standardize the direction of service, purpose.
customer service hotline:

The user's letter and call the product consulting, service complaints and other issues, within 24 hours to give a clear answer